Coming Exhibition!!!

Christmas Salon 2011, Skrapan, Västerås,2011 "Fantastic World" Culturen, Västerås, 2011
The Fiction Book 2011
My fiction book can be seen here.
Canvas Project 2
The goal of the exhibition is to create a visual encyclopedia using mini canvases and artists from all over the world. At least one of my canvases will be published in an Art House book and one will be on display at the worlds busiest Airport, The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
Art House send me a package of five 3x3 inch canvases along with a list of 5 randomly selected, community generated words - one word for each canvas. My mission was to visually create a definition for each word on its respected canvas.
My five paintings can be seen here.

The exhibition is July 31- 4 September 2009
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's Atrium Gallery in Atlanta

September 25 2009 the paintings are back to The Art House.