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Marja-Liisa Iivonen

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    What is Maruism?- It is a new ism created by, Marja-Liisa Iivonen.
    " Manifestations Animées dans la Réalité Unique " = MARUism. Human relations, meetings, feelings and everyday happenings metamorphosed into animal-like forms in colorful worlds expressed in a kind of subconscious world between Dalí and Disney with a touch of Gauguin.


Manifesto of Maruism

    Maruism separates painting from the imitation of other artists and artistic movements, isms, and from the imitation of the visible in order to show its true essence unveiled. Maruism originates from the objects and forms of the nature, transforms them into the abstract concepts of the human beings and turns the abstract into the concrete.


Artist's Statement

    After painting years (since 1982) traditional oil paintings, mostly portraits and still life, I started experimenting with tiny clay figures in 1990 to find something new. I used these miniature sculptures as models to my paintings. By 1990-91 I had created my own ism:
    MARUism- " Manifestations Animées dans la Réalité Unique ".


Artist's comment about Teddy Bears

    I've always loved bears and Teddy Bears. I also became "a collector" in the 1980s. Since then I've gotten many of them as gifts instead of flowers. I paint Teddy portraits in oil, pastel, do ink, and even pencil drawings using my own bears as models. Calling my pictures portraits, I truly believe that even a little Teddy Bear has a story to tell. I prefer to use "live models", but also can capture a Teddy from photos and some background information from their owners.


Information for Galleries

    Works of Marja-Liisa Iivonen are mainly marketed for art licensing and publishing. This does not in any way exclude the real world gallery exhibitions.

    Please, contact with your exhibition offers.


Information of Commissioned Works

    The artist Marja-Liisa Iivonen takes commissioned work in oil, pastel, ink and even pencil drawing. She is specialized in teddy bear portraits.

    Please, contact for your commission offers.


Original fine art for licensing and publishing